#1. Anders Bladh – Intervalor

In this first episode of Allocator’s Corner, fund marketing guru Anders Bladh came to visit the show. Anders founded his company Intervalor in 1992 with the vision to help international fund companies building their presence in the Nordics. Over the years, Intervalor has promoted a number of large and smaller niche fund managers and successfully supported their asset raising activities in the region. Today, the company has local representatives in Sweden, Finland, Denmark and Norway and has built an exceptionally strong network of institutional asset allocators who they meet on a regular basis.

During the session, we discussed various topics relating to asset allocation trends in the Nordics including:

What are the different types of institutional investors active in the Nordics?

What kind of strategies are they looking for and why?

How has the longstanding focus on ESG shaped the way they construct portfolios?

What fund formats are they looking for?

What are the keys to raise assets in the region?

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