#4. Johanna Strömsten – Alecta

Johanna Strömsten – Portfolio Manager, International Real Assets, Alecta Investment Management

We are back with a new episode of the Allocator’s Corner Podcast. The format is changed somewhat and will be distributed as video through YouTube primarily. The usual podcast platforms will continue to be used in parallell for those of you that prefer audio only.

In this episode I talked to Johanna Strömsten Friberg, PM International Real Assets at Alecta, who is responsible for real estate and infrastructure investments, which is a growing part of the Alecta portfolio that today has an AuM of about 970 billion Swedish Krona.

We discussed Alecta’s transition from listed to unlisted assets, the investment management organization, risk and return targets, portfolio construction and rebalancing, COVID-19 and experiences drawn from a portfolio perspective, sustainability and challenges for the portfolio going forward.

The full episode can be accessed through our YouTube channel – make sure to subscribe.

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